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 Hopetoun House
 Hopewell culture - in Ohio valley
 Hopkins, Gerard Manley
 Hopkins, Michael - Glyndebourne
 hoplites - in ancient Greece
  - and Athenian democracy
 Hopper, Thomas - Penrhyn Castle
 hopscotch (game)
 Horatius - and the bridge
 Horemheb - Egyptian pharaoh
 Horen, Die - edited by Schiller
 hormones - discovery
 Hormuz - and the Portuguese
  - taken by Shah Abbas
 Horn, count of - execution
 Horn of Africa - and Somalia
 Hornby, Frank - and Meccano
 Horne, Kenneth
 Horniman Museum (London)
 Horn of Leys - at Crathes
 Horns of Hattin - battle in 1187
 Hornung, E.W. - Raffles
 horse - domestication
  - extinct in north America
  - warhorse and carthorse
  - reintroduced to America
  - Przewalski's
  - the tarpan
 horse collar - as harness
 horse droppings - health hazard in Victorian towns
 Horse Guards (William Kent)
  - Household Cavalry
 Horse of the Year Show
 horsepower - and James Watt
 horse-racing - in classical times
  - in 17th and 18th-century England
 Horseshoe Bend - battle of 1814
 Horsley, John Callcott - and Christmas cards
 Horus - Egyptian god
 Horyuji - early wooden pagoda
 hospice movement (in Britain)
 hospital - for 'idiots'
  - of Santa Maria Nuova, founded in Florence
 Hospital of St John - founded in Jerusalem
  - patients go to bed naked
 Hospitals - article by Dr Carole Reeves
 hospitals - in ancient Greece
  - for slaves in Roman Empire
  - for soldiers in Roman Empire
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