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 Holmes, Oliver Wendell (senior) - on puerperal fever
 Holmes, Sherlock
  - cocaine user
 Holocaust - in World War II
 Holocene epoch - identified and named
 holograms - Denis Gabor
 Holst, Gustav
  - and Cheltenham
 Holstein - and the Schleswig-Holstein crisis
 Holt, Victoria
 Holton, Gerald - and CND
 Holy Alliance - of 1815
 Holy Club - and John Wesley
 Holy Grail - in Arthurian romance
  - brief account
 Holy Island (in Britain)
 Holy Lance - and the Sainte Chapelle
 Holy League - of 1495
  - of 1511
 Holy Loch (Scotland)
 Holy of Holies - in Temple at Jerusalem
  - tour through time
  - Charles V versus Francis I
 Holyrood - Mary and John Knox
  - brief account of house
 Holy Sepulchre - in Jerusalem
  - church built by Constantine
  - and Ethiopian monks
  - and the Crimean War
 Holy Years - in Rome
 Home, John - Douglas
 Home, Lord (Alec Douglas-Home)
 Home Guard (World War II)
 homelands - in South Africa
 homeless (in Britain)
 Home Office (in Britain)
 homeopathy - history
 Homer - and the Homeric question
  - and Alexander
  - and the Aeneid
 Homeridae - followers of Homer
 Home Rule (Ireland)
 Home Rule Act - royal assent in 1914
 Home Rule Association - Isaac Butt
 Homestead Act - in 1862
 Home, Sweet Home (song)
 homing pigeons - and pigeon post
 hominids and humans - tour through time
  - and Australopithecus
 Homo erectus
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