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  - the Hippocratic Oath
  - on training to be a surgeon
  - on drugs
  - on epidemics
  - on malaria
  - influence on 18th-century surgeons
 Hippolytus - tragedy by Euripides
 Hira, Mount - and Muhammad
 Hiram - king of Tyre
  - partnership with Solomon
 Hirohito - and the Japanese surrender
 Hiroshige - and the colour print
 Hiroshima - atom bomb in 1945
 Hirschowitz, Basil - develops fibreoptic endoscope
 Hispaniola - and Columbus
 histology - history
 Historia ecclesiastica - by Bede
 Historia Francorum - by Gregory of Tours
 Historia Plantarum - by John Ray
 Historia Regium - Geoffrey of Monmouth
 Historia Stirpium - by Fuchs
 historical materialism - Marx and Engels
 Histories - of Tacitus
 history - compared with prehistory
 History of Mr Polly (Wells)
 History of Rome - by Livy
 Hitchcock, Alfred
 Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy
 Hitler, Adolf
  - and Mussolini
  - and Dunkirk
  - the armistice with France in 1940
  - racial distinctions in conquered territories
  - and the 'final solution'
  - supposed ignorance of the Holocaust
  - the first to work iron
 Hjörungsvag - battle in AD 986
 HMV (company)
 Hoare, Henry - and Stourhead
 Hoare, Samuel - Hoare-Laval Peace Plan
  - and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement
 Hoban, James - design for White House
 Hobart - founded in 1804
  - landscape painting
 Hobbes, Thomas
 Hobbit (Tolkien)
 Hobbs, Jack
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