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 Henry de Valois - king of Poland
 Henry the Young King
  - death in 1183
 Hephaestion - friend of Alexander
  - death in 324 BC
 Hepplewhite, George
 Heptarchy - in Anglo-Saxon England
 Hepworth, Barbara
 Hera - temple at Olympia
 Heraclius - Byzantine emperor
 Herald (Glasgow)
 Herald of Free Enterprise (1987)
 Heralds' College - College of Arms
 Herat - taken by Timur
  - centre of Timurid culture
  - and Persian painting
  - captured by Shaibani Khan
  - brought within Afghanistan
  - murder of Soviet citizens in 1979
  - falls to Taliban in 1995
 herbaceous border (in Britain)
 herbal medicine - Stone Age origins
 herbals - history
 Herbarum vivae eicones - by Brunfels
 Herbert, A.P.
 Herbert, George
  - brief biography
 Herbert, Sidney - and Florence Nightingale
 Herbert, William - and Mr W.H.
 herbs - grown in country gardens
 Hercegovina - and the Ottoman Turks
  - and Bosnia in 1875-8
  - annexed by Austria-Hungary
 Hereford (cattle)
 Hereford (city)
  - Nelson's Column
  - Three Choirs Festival
 Hereford cathedral - and Mappa Mundi
 Herero - tribe in Namibia
 Hereward the Wake
 heriot - and the lord of the manor
 Herland, Hugh - hammer-beam roof
 Hermann - or Arminius
 Hermitage - museum founded by Catherine the Great
 Hermitage Castle
 Hero of Alexandria - and steam
  - and surveying
 Herod Agrippa - king of Judaea
 Herod Antipas - ruler of Galilee
 Herod the Great
  - marries Mariamne
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