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 Heartbreak House (Shaw)
 Heart of Darkness (Conrad)
 Heart of Midlothian (Scott)
 Heart of Oak - by Garrick
  - brief account
 heart surgery - first British
 Heath, Edward - prime minister of the UK
  - and the European Community
  - and the miners' strike of 1974
  - brief biography
 Heath, Ted (bandleader)
 Heath Robinson
  - and Bletchley Park
 Heathrow airport
 Heavens, On the - by Aristotle
 Heaviside, Oliver
 Hebrew - early numerals
 Hebrews - creation story
 Hebrides - ceded to Scottish king in 1266
  - and Bonnie Prince Charlie
  - brief account
 Hecateus - Greek geographer
 Hector - in the Iliad
 Hedingham Castle
 Hedley, William - Puffing Billy
 Hegel, Georg - and Hegelian dialectic
 Hegira - in the Muslim calendar
 Heian - new Japanese capital in AD 794
 Heimskringla - of Snorri Sturluson
 Helen - in the Trojan War
 Helena, St - builds church in Bethlehem
  - and the True Cross
 Heligoland - ceded to Germany in 1890
 Helios - as the colossus of Rhodes
  - on lighthouse at Alexandria
 helium - the first nuclei and atoms
 Hellenistic Age - from 323 BC
 Hellfire Club
 Helluland - and Leif Ericsson
 Helmholtz, Hermann von - invents ophthalmoscope
 Helmont, Jan Baptista van
 Heloïse - and Abelard
 helots - in Sparta
  - revolt of 464 BC
  - serfs rather than slaves
 Helpmann, Robert
 Help the Aged (charity)
 Helsinki - founded by Gustavus I
 Helston (Cornwall)
 Helvetic republic - set up in 1798
 Helvetii - Celtic tribe
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