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 Haldane family
 Hale, Matthew - common law
 Hales, Stephen - and the pneumatic trough
  - makes air ventilators for prisons
  - investigates remedy for bladder stones
  - measures blood pressure in horse
 Half Moon - and Henry Hudson
 Halicarnassus - the mausoleum
 Halifax (Britain)
 Halifax gibbet - early guillotine
 Hall, Benjamin - and Big Ben
 Hall, Henry
 Hall, John - and breech-loading
 Hallam, Arthur - and Tennyson
  - In Memoriam
 Hallé Orchestra
  - and Cheltenham Festival
 Halley, Edmund
  - and Newton
  - brief biography
 Halley's comet - in AD 1066
  - in the Bayeux tapestry
  - predicted return in 1758
 hallmarks in Britain
 Hallstatt - and the Celts
 Hallstatt culture - and iron swords
 halo - in pre-Christian times
  - and Dutch portrait painting
 Halsted, William - introduces rubber gloves in surgery
 Hamada, Shoji - potter
  - slipware
 Hamadan - site of Ecbatana
 Hama - uprising in 1982
 Hambledon Cricket Club
 Hamble river - and the Grace Dieu
 Hamburg - and the Hanseatic League
  - and the Reformation
  - and banking
  - and Handel
  - closed to Britain in 1801
  - in the German Confederation
  - bombed in 1943
 Ham House
  - early use of sash windows
 Hamilcar Barca - Carthaginian general
 Hamilton - by-election of 1967
 Hamilton, Alexander - secretary of treasury
 Hamilton, Charles - Painshill Park
 Hamilton, Emma
  - early career
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