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 Guardian (British newspaper)
 Guards - the Foot Guards
  - tour through time
 Guatemala City - capital from 1773
 Guayaquil - conference of 1822
 Guderian, Heinz - northern France in 1940
  - Russian campaign in 1941
 Guelph - origin of name
 Guericke, Otto von
 Guest, Charlotte - and Mabinogion
 gueux - in the Netherlands
  - death in Bolivia
 Guiana - Dutch settlements
 Guicciardini, Francesco - history of Italy
 Guide Dogs for the Blind
 Guides (previously Girl Guides)
 Guienne - and the Hundred Years' War
 Guildford (Surrey)
 Guildhall (London)
 Guillotin, Joseph Ignace - medical career
  - and smallpox vaccination
  - invents decapitation machine
  - and suicide pills
 guillotine - first use in Paris
  - history
  - as symbol of the French Revolution
  - in House of Commons
  - and the Portuguese
  - and the slave trade
  - as Spanish colony
  - French protectorate from 1881
  - opts out of French Community
 guinea (gold coin)
 Guinegate - battle in 1513
 Guinness (company)
 Guinness, Alec
 Guinness Book of Records
 Guinevere - in Arthurian romance
  - brief account
  - and Glastonbury
 Guinizelli, Guido - dolce stil nuovo
 Guiscard, Roger - and Sicily
 Guise family - and wars of religion
  - leading members assassinated
 Gulf War, 1990-91 - brief account
 Gulistan - of Sa'di
 Gulliver'sTravels - by Swift
 gunboat diplomacy
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