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 Grey, Earl - and the Reform Bill
  - brief biography
 Grey, Edward
 Grey, Lady Jane - and the English crown
  - brief biography
 Greyfriars - Worcester
 greyhound racing (in Britain)
 Grey's Monument - Newcastle-upon-Tyne
 Gribble, Herbert - Brompton Oratory
 Gribeauval artillery - in Napoleonic wars
 Grierson, John
 Griffith, Arthur - and Sinn Fein
  - in the Dáil Eireann
  - and the treaty of 1921
  - replaced by de Valera in Sinn Fein
  - president of the Dáil in 1921
  - death in 1922
 Griffiths, Richard - and Rhondda mining
 Grimaldi, Joseph
 Grimond, Jo
 Grimsby (Humberside)
 Grimshaw, Atkinson
 Grimshaw, Nicholas - Waterloo terminal
 Grimsthorpe Castle
 grito di Dolores - in 1810
 grito do Iparanga - in Brazil
 grog (in British navy)
 grossdeutsch - pattern for German unity
 Grossmith brothers - Diary of a Nobody
 Grosvenor Gallery (London)
 Grosvenor Museum - Chester
 grotto - of Pope's villa
 groundlings - in the Elizabethan theatre
 groundnut scheme (1946--9)
 Grove (dictionary of music)
 Groves, Charles
 Grub Street (London)
 Grunitzky, Nicholas - president of Togo
 Grunwald - battle in 1410
 Gtsang-pa - dynasty in Tibet
 Guadalcanal - battle in 1942-3
 Guadalupe - the Aztec Virgin
  - and Hidalgo in 1810
 Guadalupe Hidalgo - treaty of 1848
 Guadeloupe - and Columbus
  - settled in 1635
 Guam - and Magellan
  - ceded by Spain to the USA
  - falls to Japanese in 1941
 Guanches - in the Canary Islands
 Guantánamo Bay - in US hands
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