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 Greene, Graham
 Greene, Robert - and Shakespeare
 'Green grow the rushes O'
 Greenham Common
 greenhouse - Chelsea Physic Garden
 Greenland - first Viking settlement
  - end of the Viking colony
 Green March - into Spanish Sahara
 green paper - in British legislation
 Green Party in Britain
 Greens - faction in Constantinople
 Greenshields, J. - Glenfinnan Monument
 Greensleeves (tune)
 Greenville, Fort - treaty of 1795
 Greenwich - the palace
  - brief account of town
 Greenwich Mean Time
 Greenwich meridian
 Greenwood, Walter - Love on the Dole
 Greg, Samuel - Styal
 Gregorian calendar - in 1582
  - and calendar in Britain
  - adopted in Russia in 1918
 Gregorian chant - origins
 Gregory I
  - and St Benedict
  - and Gregorian chant
  - Cura Pastoralis in Anglo-Saxon
 Gregory III - and iconoclasm
 Gregory VII (Hildebrand) - investiture controversy
  - and Henry IV
 Gregory IX - and the Inquisition
  - and the Sorbonne
  - death on return to Rome
 Gregory XI - and Wycliffe
 Gregory XII - and the Great Schism
  - and council of Constance
 Gregory XIII - and the calendar
 Gregory XVI - pope
 Gregory, Lady - Irish Literary Theatre
 Gregory of Tours
  - and Britain
 Grenadiers - regiment from 1656
 Grendel - in Beowulf
 Grenfell, Joyce
 Grenoble - and Napoleon in 1815
 Grenville, Richard
 Gresham, Thomas - Royal Exchange
  - brief biography
  - Osterley Park
 Gresham College - and the Royal Society
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