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 Great Army - of the Danes in 865
 Great Awakening - in 18th-century America
 Great Bed of Ware
 Great Bible - and Henry VIII
  - tour through time
 Great Britain (as a term)
 Great Britain (ship)
 Great Commoner - earl of Chatham
 Great Company - and Werner von Urslingen
 Great Compromise - on Constitution
 Great Coxwell Barn
 Great Eastern - designed by Brunel
 Great Emigration - from Poland in 1831
 Greater London
 Great Exhibition - of 1851
  - brief account
 Great Expectations (Dickens)
  - and Richmond Green
 Great Famine - in 1845-7
  - brief account
 Great Fear - in 1789
 Great Fire of London - in 1666
  - and Pepys
  - brief account
 Great Fish river - and Bartolomeu Dias
 Great Glen (Scotland)
 Great Harry (ship)
 Great Interregnum - on throne of Germany
 Great Migrations - in the 1840s
 Great Moghul - origin of name
 Great Moravia - destroyed by Hungarians
 Great North Road
 Great Ormond Street Hospital
  - founded in London
  - and 'Peter Pan'
 Great Persecution - Christians in AD 303
 Great Plague of London - in 1665
  - and Pepys
  - brief account
 Great Poland - region around Poznan
 Great Removal - of 1838
 Great St Bernard - Napoleon in 1800
 Great Schism - of the papacy from 1378
 Great Seal - and Lord Chancellor
 Great Slave Lake - and Alexander Mackenzie
 Great Stink (1858)
 Great Storm (1987)
 Great Terror - in Russia in 1936-8
 Great Tom - Lincoln
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