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 Goldsmith, Oliver
  - on conversation with Johnson
  - brief biography
  - in The Club
  - and the Royal Humane Society
  - overdoses on patent medicine
 gold standard - in Britain
 golf (the game)
 Goliad - massacre in 1836
 Goliath - the Philistine
 golliwog (origin)
 Gomera - whistled language
  - and the Portuguese in 1425
 Gómez, Juan Vicente - in Venezuela
 Gómez, Laureano - Colombian dictator
 Gomme, Bernard de - Tilbury Fort
 Gondal - and Brontë sisters
 Gondola - on Coniston Water
 Gondoliers (Gilbert and Sullivan)
 Gondwanaland - evolution of the earth
 gonorrhoea - history of the disease
 Goodbye Mr Chips (Hilton)
 Goodbye to All That (Graves)
 Good Companions (Priestley)
 Good Food Guide (in Britain)
 Good Friday Agreement - in 1998
 Good Life (TV series)
 Good Neighbour policy - of F.D. Roosevelt
 Goodwin Sands
 Goodwood House
  - Glorious Goodwood
 Goody - Irish Travellers' cake
 Goonhilly Downs - and Telstar
 Goon Show
 Goossens family
 Gordon, Charles - and the Sudan
  - brief biography
  - Eminent Victorians
 Gordon Riots - in 1780
  - brief account
 Gordonstoun (school)
 Gore, Spencer - and Camden Town Group
 Gorée - French and Dutch in 1677
 Göreme - and rock-cut architecture
 Gorizia - captured by Italy in 1916
 Görk Türk - first Turkish empire
 Gorlice - battle in 1915
 Gorsedd - and the Eisteddfod
 Gorst, Eldon - British administrator in Egypt
 Gort, Lord - and BEF 1939
 Goshen - republic of 1882
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