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 Golden Bough (Frazer)
 Golden Bull - of Andrew II
  - of Charles IV
 golden calf - and Jeroboam
 Golden Fleece - order of knightood
 golden hamster - domestication
 Golden Horde - in Russia
  - in central Europe
  - and Islam
 Golden Horn - and Mehmed II in 1453
 Golden Jubilee - of Queen Victoria
 Golden Miller (foaled 1927)
 Golden Syrup - Abram Lyle
 Golden Treasury
 gold fields of South Africa - and Rhodes
  - Witwatersrand in 1886
 Goldie, George - and the Niger
 Goldilocks (and the three bears)
 Golding, William
 gold mines - and Great Zimbabwe
 Goldoni - Venetian playwright
  - and the commedia dell'arte
 gold rushes - 1849 in California
  - after California
  - in Australia
 Goldsmith, Oliver
  - on conversation with Johnson
  - brief biography
  - in The Club
  - and the Royal Humane Society
  - overdoses on patent medicine
 gold standard - in Britain
 golf (the game)
 Goliad - massacre in 1836
 Goliath - the Philistine
 golliwog (origin)
 Gomera - whistled language
  - and the Portuguese in 1425
 Gómez, Juan Vicente - in Venezuela
 Gómez, Laureano - Colombian dictator
 Gomme, Bernard de - Tilbury Fort
 Gondal - and Brontë sisters
 Gondola - on Coniston Water
 Gondoliers (Gilbert and Sullivan)
 Gondwanaland - evolution of the earth
 gonorrhoea - history of the disease
 Goodbye Mr Chips (Hilton)
 Goodbye to All That (Graves)
 Good Companions (Priestley)
 Good Food Guide (in Britain)
 Good Friday Agreement - in 1998
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