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 Gilbert, Adrian - at Sherborne Castle
 Gilbert, Alfred
  - Eros
 Gilbert, Humphrey - and Newfoundland
 Gilbert, Walter - develops DNA sequencing
 Gilbert, William - and magnetism
  - brief biography
 Gilbert, W.S.
 Gilbert Collection - Somerset House
 Gilbert of Hastings - bishop of Lisbon
  - brief biography
 Gilboa - victory for the Philistines
 Gilchrist, Percy - iron and steel
 Giles, cartoonist
 Gilgamesh - king of Uruk
 Gill, Eric
  - London Transport
 Gillespie, Thomas - Edinburgh Zoo
 Gillow family
 Gillray, James
 Gilman, Harold - Camden Town Group
 Gilpin, John
 Gilpin, William - and the picturesque
  - and Dr Syntax
 Gilpin, William Sawrey - Scotney Castle
 Gimcrack (foaled 1760)
 gin (in 18th-century England)
 Ginkel, Godard van - in Ireland in 1691
 Ginner, Charles - Camden Town Group
 Gioberti, Vincenzo - Del primato morale
 Giolitti, Giovanni - and Fiume in 1920
  - and Venetian art
 Giorgium Sidus - or Uranus
 Giovanni di Bicci - and the Medici fortune
 Giovine Italia - founded by Mazzini
 Gipsy Moth - Amy Johnson
 Giralda - in Seville
 Giraldus Cambrensis - and Ireland
 Girl I left behind me (tune)
 Girl's Own Paper (in Britain)
 Girl with a pearl earring - by Vermeer
 Girondins - war party in 1792
  - in the Convention of 1792
  - outmanoeuvred in 1793
 Girtin, Thomas - and watercolour
  - brief biography
 Giscard d'Estaing - and Bokassa
 Gitirama - and Hutu uprising of 1959
 Give me chastity - but not yet
 'Give us the tools' (Churchill)
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