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 Fowler, Charles - and Covent Garden
 Fowler, John
  - Central Station, Manchester
  - Forth railway bridge
  - Metropolitan Railway
 Fowler's Modern English Usage
 Fox, Charles James - and George IV
  - brief biography
  - and Brooks's
  - in The Club
 Fox, George - and Society of Friends
  - brief biography
 Fox, Vicente - president of Mexico
 Foxe, John - Book of Martyrs
  - brief account
 foxglove - in traditional medicine
  - and William Withering
 Foxhunter (showjumper)
 Fracastoro, Girolamo - on pestilential fevers
  - on syphilis
 fractures - and putrefaction
  - treatment in 20th century
 Fragonard, Jean-Honoré
  - tour through time
  - first Greek settlers
  - census from 1801
  - early socialist parties
  - expels NATO in 1966
 Francesca da Rimini - in the Inferno
 Franche-Comté - and the Habsburgs
  - seized by France in 1668
  - ceded to France in 1678
 franchise (in Britain)
 Francia - Occidentalis, Media, Orientalis
 Francia, José Gaspar Rodríguez
 Francis I - Holy Roman emperor
 Francis I, king of France
  - and Jacques Cartier
  - and Titian
 Francis II - king of France
  - marries Mary Queen of Scots
 Francis II - Holy Roman emperor
  - war with France in 1792
  - and the Confederation of the Rhine
  - becomes Francis I, emperor of Austria
 Francis Ferdinand - in Sarajevo in 1914
 Francis Joseph - emperor of Austria-Hungary
 Francis of Assisi (St Francis) - and Innocent III
  - and the Franciscans
  - and St Clare
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