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 Forth, river and bridges
 Forth-Clyde Canal
 Fortín Boquerón - in the Chaco War
 Fortín Nanawa - in the Chaco War
 Fortnum and Mason
 Fortress Falklands - from 1982
 Fortune, Robert - transports tea plants to India
  - and George Staunton
 Forty-Five, The - Jacobite uprising of 1745
  - brief account
 forty-niners - in California
 49th parallel - between Canada and USA
 42-line Bible - or the Gutenberg Bible
 Forum - in Rome
 Forum of Trajan - in Rome
 Fosse Way - built by Roman troops
  - brief account
 Foster, Norman - Sainsbury Centre
 Fotheringay - execution of Mary in 1587
 Fougasse (cartoonist)
 Foundling Hospital - and Messiah
 Fountain - by Duchamp
 Fountains, Yorkshire - Cistercian abbey
  - brief account
 Fouquet, Jean
 Fouquet, Nicolas - and Vaux-le-Vicomte
 Four Articles of Prague - and Hussites
 Four Courts - in Dublin in 1922
 Fourier, Charles - and the phalanx
 Four Maries (and Mary Queen of Scots)
 Four Noble Truths - in Buddhism
 Four Rivers - fountain by Bernini
 Four Quartets (Eliot)
 Four Seasons - by Vivaldi
 Fourteenth Amendment - to Constitution
 fourth estate - the press
 Fowke, Francis - Albert Hall
  - Royal Museum of Scotland
 Fowler, Charles - and Covent Garden
 Fowler, John
  - Central Station, Manchester
  - Forth railway bridge
  - Metropolitan Railway
 Fowler's Modern English Usage
 Fox, Charles James - and George IV
  - brief biography
  - and Brooks's
  - in The Club
 Fox, George - and Society of Friends
  - brief biography
 Fox, Vicente - president of Mexico
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