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 Five Civilized Tribes - the Great Removal
 Five Dynasties - in Chinese history
 Five members - and Charles I
  - brief account
 Five-Mile Act - in 1665
  - and Clarendon Code
 Five Nations - of the Iroquois League
 fives (the game)
 Five Towns, in Staffordshire
 fixed air - and Joseph Black
 Flamsteed, John
 Flanders - as medieval county
  - trenches of World War I
 Flanders and Swann
 Flanders fields (World War I)
 Flanders mare - Anne of Cleves
  - brief account
 flash locks - in canals
 Flashman, Harry - and Tom Brown
 Flatford Mill - and Constable
 Flavian emperors - of Rome
 flea - described by Leeuwenhoek
 Fleet Air Arm
 Fleet prison
  - rackets
 'fleet's lit up'
 Fleet Street (London)
 Fleming, Alexander
  - discovers Penicillium mould
  - and war wounds
 Fleming, Ambrose
 Fleming, Ian
 Flemish bond - and English bond
 Fletcher, WPC - Libyan embassy siege
 Fleurus - battle in 1794
 Fleury, Cardinal - and French foreign policy
 flight of the earls - in 1607
 Flinders, Matthew - Australian coast line
 Flinders Island - Tasmanian Aborigines
 flint - and Stone Age man
  - for making fire
 flintlock - form of musket
 flint tools - and the man in the ice
 Flitcroft, Henry - Stourhead
  - Woburn Abbey
 FLN - in Algeria from 1954
 FLNC - invades Congo
 floating world - or ukiyo-e
 Flodden - battle in 1513
  - brief account
 flogging - ritual ordeal in Sparta
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