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 Fielding, Henry
  - brief biography
 Field of Cloth of Gold - and Francis I
  - brief account
  - as a turning point in history
 Fields, Gracie
 Fiesole - and the Etruscans
  - seized by Florence in 1125
 Fifteen, The - Jacobite uprising
  - brief account
 Fifteenth Amendment - to US Constitution
 Fifth Republic - in France
 Figaro - as a character
 Figaro, Le - and the commune of 1871
 Figg, James - champion prize-fighter
  - and boxing in Britain
 fighter planes - in World War I
 Fighting Téméraire (Turner)
 Fiji - first settlement
  - discovered by Europeans in 1643
  - and Britain
 fijnschilders - and Gerrit Dou
 filioque - in doctrine of the Trinity
 Fille Mal Garde^ (Ashton)
 Filocolo and Filostrato - of Boccaccio
 'final solution' - and the Jews
 Financial Times
 Finch, Ray - potter
 Fine Gael - origin of party
 'finest hour' (Churchill)
 Fingal - supposedly by Ossian
  - and Dr Johnson
 Fingal's Cave (Staffa)
 fingerprints (first use)
  - tour through time
  - and votes for women in 1906
 Finland Station - Lenin in 1917
 finnan haddie
 Finnian, St - and Clonard
 Finn McCool - Celtic hero
  - and the Fenians
 Finno-Ugric - linguistic enclaves
  - as part of Ural-Altaic group
 Finns - move into Finland
 Finsen, Niels Ryberg - treatment for tuberculosis
 Finsen lamp - to treat tuberculosis
 Firbank, Ronald
 Firdausi - and the Shah-nama
  - at the court of Bukhara
  - and chess
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