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 Fenians - founded in 1858
  - brief history
 Fens, in eastern England
 Fenton, Roger - in the Crimean War
  - brief biography
 Ferdinand - elected prince of Bulgaria
  - becomes Ferdinand I of Bulgaria
 Ferdinand - king of Portugal
 Ferdinand I - profitably betrothed
  - claims Bohemia and Hungary
  - at Augsburg in 1555
  - becomes Holy Roman emperor
 Ferdinand I - emperor of Austria
  - abdication in 1848
 Ferdinand I - king of the Two Sicilies
 Ferdinand I of Naples - and Lorenzo
 Ferdinand II - Holy Roman emperor
 Ferdinand II - king of the Two Sicilies
 Ferdinand III - grand duke of Tuscany
 Ferdinand III - Holy Roman emperor
 Ferdinand IV of Naples - in Napoleonic era
 Ferdinand VII, king of Spain
 Ferdinand of Aragon - marries Isabella
  - acquires Spanish America
  - succeeded by Charles V
 Ferdinand of Brunswick - Seven Years' War
 Ferens Art Gallery - Hull
 Ferguson, James - Tenement House, Glasgow
 Ferguson, Patrick - and breech-loading
 Fergusson, J.D. - Scottish Colourist
 Fernando Po - reached by Portuguese
  - renamed Bioko
  - renamed Macías Nguema
 Fern Hill (Thomas)
 Ferrara - and Lucrezia Borgia
  - intermezzi of 1502
  - and Copernicus
 Ferrara-Florence, Council of - in Florence
 ferret - domesticated
 Ferrier, Kathleen
 Ferro - as the prime meridian of longitude
 Fertile Crescent - and the earliest civilizations
 Fès (Fez) - founded by Idrisids
  - captured by Alouite sultan in 1666
  - treaty of 1912
 Festival Hall, London
 Festival of Britain - in 1951
  - brief account
 Fêtes de Versailles - and Le Nôtre
 fêtes galantes - and Watteau
 Fettes College
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