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 Faraday, Michael
  - isolates benzene
 FARC - Marxist guerrillas in Colombia
 Far from the Madding Crowd
 farmers - the first
 Farnborough Air Show
 Farnese family - acquire Parma
 Farnese palace - and Annibale Carracci
 Farne Islands, Northumberland
 Farnham - and John Knight
 Faro - recovered from Muslims in 1249
 Farouk - king of Egypt
 Farquhar, George
 Farr, Tommy
 Farragut, David - takes New Orleans
 Fascism - and the Romantic movement
  - origin of name
 Fascist Grand Council - in Italy from 1923
 Fascist party in Italy - founded in 1921
 Fashoda Incident - in 1898
 Fastnet Race
 Fastolf, John - and the battle of Patay
 Fatehpur Sikri
  - and Shah Jahan
 Father Brown - and Chesterton
 Father Christmas
 Father of the House
 Fatima - daughter of Muhammad
 Fatimid dynasty - in north Africa
 Faubourg St Antoine - battle in 1652
 Faust - by Goethe
 Faustus, Doctor - by Marlowe
 Fawkes, Guy - Gunpowder Plot
  - and York
 Fawlty Towers
 Fayyum - Roman encaustic portraits
 Febreristas - in Paraguay
 Federalists - and Alexander Hamilton
  - withering in early 19th century
 Federalist Wars - of 1858-63
 Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland
 Fedor I - tsar of Russia
 Fedor III - tsar of Russia
 fees - in feudalism
 feldspar - in porcelain
 Felicity - Christian martyr
 Fell, Margaret - and George Fox
 felt - for garments
 felt rugs - possibly palaeolithic
 Felton, John - and duke of Buckingham
 Fenians - founded in 1858
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