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 Evelyn, John - and Pepys
  - and court ballet in France
  - and Dutch painting
  - and Peter the Great
  - brief biography
  - Chelsea Physic Garden
  - visits 'Bedlam'
 Eve of St Agnes (Keats)
 Everest (mountain)
 Everest, George - and Mount Everest
 Everett, Edward - at Gettysburg
 Everlasting League - in Switzerland
 Everton (football club)
 Everyman (morality play)
 Evesham - battle in 1265
  - and Simon de Montfort
 Évian-les-Bains - and Algerian independence
  - tour through time
  - the theory
  - of languages
 Ewe - tribal group in Togo
 Ewenny potters - and slipware
 Ewing, Juliana - and Brownies
 Ewing, Winifred - victory at Hamilton
 Eworth, Hans - in England
 Ewuare - ruler of Benin
 examination system - in China
 Exbury Gardens
 exchequer - origins in England
 exclusion - of the duke of York
 Exeter (Devon)
 Exeter Book - in Exeter cathedral
 Exit (Voluntary Euthanasia Society)
 Exodus - in the Bible
 Experiments on Electricity - Franklin
 Experiments Touching Colours - Boyle
 Experiments upon Magnesia Alba - Black
 Explanation, Act of - in 1665
  - tour through time
  - and spread of disease
 Express newspapers
 Exxon - and the pipeline from Chad
 Eyadéma, Gnassingbé - president of Togo
 Eylau - battle in 1807
 Ezekiel - Old Testament prophet
  - and the trade of Tyre
 Ezra - and the Old Testament
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