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 Eton Boating Song - by Cory
 Eton College
  - and fives
  - and Horace Walpole
 Etruria - Wedgwood factory
 Etruria, kingdom of - and Portugal
 Etruscans - as kings of Rome
  - and gladiatorial contests
 Etruscan tombs - murals
 Ettenheim - and the duke of Enghien
 Etty, William - and York
 E-type Jaguar
 Etzel - in the Nibelungenlied
 Eucharist - Christian sacrament
  - and rumours of cannibalism
  - depicted in Roman catacombs
  - Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic
  - and the Reformation
  - debated at Marburg
 Euclid - teacher of geometry
 Eudes - and the west Frankish kingdom
 Eudoxus of Cnidus - heavenly spheres
  - as predecessor of Euclid
 Eugene of Savoy - as general
 eugenics - and Galton
  - at the Pioneer Health Centre, Peckham
 eugenics movement
 Eugénie de Montijo - marries Napoleon III
  - and the Suez canal
 Eumenes II - and parchment
 Eumenides - tragedy by Aeschylus
 eupatridae - in Athens
 Euphrates - and Mesopotamia
 Euphrates - steamship of 1836
 eureka - and the naked Archimedes
 Eureka! - Halifax
 Eureka stockade - in 1854
 Euric - king of the Visigoths
  - and the Bacchae
  - tour through time
  - in Greek map of the world
 Europe and Asia - the boundary
 Eurotas river - and Sparta
 Eustachian tubes - observed by Alcmaeon
 Euston Road School
 Euston Station
 euthanasia - in the Netherlands
  - in South Australia
  - in England
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