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 Epidaurus - the theatre
 epidemics - in Ancient Greece
 epilepsy - treatment
  - cure in ancient Rome
 Epirus - kingdom of Pyrrhus
  - destroyed by Rome
 Episcopal Church in Scotland - from 1712
  - brief account
 Epistles - of Horace
 Epistles of Paul - in the New Testament
 Epistle to the Thessalonians - by St Paul
 EPLF - or Eritrean People's Liberation Front
 epochs - geological
 Epping Forest
 EPR - in Mexico
 EPRDF - Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front
 Epsom (town and racecourse)
 Epstein, Jacob
  - Adam in Harewood House
  - London Transport
 Equatoria - and Samuel Baker
 equestrian statue - Marcus Aurelius
 Erasistratus - and anatomy
 Erasmo da Narni - statue by Donatello
 Erasmus, Desiderius
  - and devotio moderna
  - and Julius II
  - and the vernacular Bible
  - and the Reformation
  - and Holbein
 Erddig (near Chester)
 Erewhon (Butler)
 Erfurt - Napoleon and Alexander I in 1808
 Eric II of Norway - and Margaret of Scotland
 Eric of Pomerania - on Scandinavian thrones
 Eric the Red - and Greenland
 ERIP - in Mexico
  - famine in 1984
 Eritrean Liberation Movement - from 1960
 Eritrean People's Liberation Front - and ELF
 Ermine Street
 Ernie (premium bonds)
 Ernst, archduke - and Pieter Brueghel
 Eroica symphony - and Napoleon
 Eros (Piccadilly Circus)
 Ertughrul - and the Ottoman Turks
 Erzberger, Matthias - and the armistice of 1918
 Erzincan - in World War I
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