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 English (the people)
 English bond
 English breakfast
 English Civil War - 1642-51
  - brief account
 English disease - in the 1970s
 English language - as lingua franca
  - brief account
  - tour through time
 'Englishman's home is his castle'
 English National Ballet
 English National Opera
 English-Speaking Union
 English Stage Company
 engraving - from the 15th century
  - and Dürer
 Enigma - and Bletchley Park
 Enigma Variations
 Enkhuizen - and William of Orange
 Enkidu - friend of Gilgamesh
 enlightened despotism - in the 18th century
  - and Frederick the Great
 Enlightenment - in 17th and 18th centuries
  - and civic duty
 Enneads - and Plotinus
 Enniskillen - siege in 1689
  - brief history of town
 ENSA - in Britain in World War II
 Enseigne de Gersaint - by Watteau
 ensign (white, blue, red)
 entablature - in architecture
 entasis - in architecture
 Entente Cordiale (1904)
 Enterprise Neptune - National Trust
 Entertainer (Osborne)
 Entführung aus dem Serail - Mozart
 Enuma elish - creation story
 Epaminondas - Theban general
  - victory over Spartans at Leuctra
 Ephesus - and Artemidorus
  - temple of Artemis
  - first coins
  - council in AD 431
 Ephialtes - Greek traitor at Thermopylae
 ephors - in Sparta
 Epic of Gilgamesh - in Mesopotamia
 Epidaurus - the theatre
 epidemics - in Ancient Greece
 epilepsy - treatment
  - cure in ancient Rome
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