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 Eliot, George
 Eliot, T.S.
 Elizabeth - Russian empress
  - and the Seven Years' War
  - death in 1762
 Elizabeth - sister of Wenceslas III
 Elizabeth - the Winter Queen
 Elizabeth I, queen of England
  - birth
  - refuses crown of United Provinces
  - and Shakespeare
  - and the East India Company
  - and the knitting machine
  - brief biography
  - and favourite healers
  - Faerie Queene
  - at Hedingham in 1561
  - and Hatfield
  - and Knole
  - at Kenilworth Castle
  - and Richmond Palace
 Elizabeth II, British queen
  - brief biography
  - and corgis
  - The Lord's my Shepherd
 Elizabeth, the Queen Mother
 Elizabethan (the term)
 Elizabeth of York - and Henry Tudor
 Elizabeth Woodville - and Edward IV
 Elkington, George - electroplate
 Elliot, Denholm - in Stalag 8B
 Ellis, George - and republican calendar
 Ellis, Havelock
 Ellis, Ruth
 Ellis, William Webb - and rugby football
 Ellis Island - and immigration to the USA
 Ellora - and rock-cut architecture
 Elmes, H.L. - St George's Hall
 Elmina - Portuguese fort on Gold Coast
 El Obeid - captured by Mahdists
 Elsinore - and the castle of Kronborg
 Ely (Cambs)
 Emancipation Act - of 1829 (Catholics)
  - brief account
  - and Robert Peel
  - of 1833 (slaves)
 emancipation of the serfs - in Russia
 Emancipation Proclamation - of 1863
 embalming - in ancient Egypt
 Embankment (London)
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