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 Edward VIII - and the abdication crisis
  - brief biography
  - born at White Lodge
 Edward the Confessor
  - brief biography
 Edward the Elder - son of Alfred the Great
  - and Palace of Westminster
 Edwardian (the term)
 Edward the Martyr - distinct from Edward the Confessor
 Edward of Warwick - and Lambert Simnel
 Edwards, Jonathan - the Great Awakening
 Edwards, Robert - test-tube babies
 Edwin - and St Paulinus
 Edzell Castle
 Eel Pie Island - and Dickens
 Eeny meeny miney mo
 Eeyore - A.A. Milne
 Egal, Muhammad - president of Somalia
 Egede, Hans - missionary to Greenland
 Églantine, Fabre d' - republican calendar
 Eglinton Tournament (1839)
  - and the Atholl Highlanders
 Egmont, count of - execution
  - tour through time
  - creation story
  - writing
  - early numerals
  - and solar calendar
  - building a pyramid
  - building a temple
  - and Persian taxes
  - invaded by French in 1798
  - surrendered by French in 1801
  - under British control from 1882
  - and Britain
 Egyptian chronology - and Manetho
  - the system
 Egyptian hieroglyphs
  - and papyrus
  - related items
 Ehrlich, Paul - discovers treatment for syphilis
  - discovers tuberculosis bacterium stain
  - and magic bullets
  - discovers Salvarsan
 Eider river - as border of Denmark
  - and Blackpool
 Eightfold Path - in Buddhism
 Eikon Basilike - and Charles I
  - brief account
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