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 Edward II, king of England
  - and the Maid of Norway
  - brief biography
  - and Rockingham Castle
 Edward II - by Marlowe
 Edward III, king of England
  - his claim to the throne of France
  - doing homage to Philip VI of France
  - as self-declared king of France
  - and Jacob van Artevelde
  - and the Florentine banks
  - and the Garter
  - brief biography
  - at Blair Castle
  - visits Rockingham Castle
  - repairs Rockingham
 Edward IV, king of England
  - at Picquigny in 1475
  - brief biography
 Edward V - king of England
  - title claimed for Lambert Simnel
  - brief biography
 Edward VI - king of England
  - birth
  - painted by Holbein
  - and Lady Jane Grey
  - brief biography
  - and Christ's Hospital
  - beefeaters
 Edward VII - Parliament Bill in 1910
  - brief biography
  - recovery from typhoid
  - and the Baccarat Scandal
  - and Kew Bridge
  - Tunbridge Wells
 Edward VIII - and the abdication crisis
  - brief biography
  - born at White Lodge
 Edward the Confessor
  - brief biography
 Edward the Elder - son of Alfred the Great
  - and Palace of Westminster
 Edwardian (the term)
 Edward the Martyr - distinct from Edward the Confessor
 Edward of Warwick - and Lambert Simnel
 Edwards, Jonathan - the Great Awakening
 Edwards, Robert - test-tube babies
 Edwin - and St Paulinus
 Edzell Castle
 Eel Pie Island - and Dickens
 Eeny meeny miney mo
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