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 Edinburgh - treaty of 1328
  - and Bonnie Prince Charlie
  - the New Town
  - and the Greek Revival
  - medical education in 18th century
  - medical school, influence in 18th century
  - visit of George IV in 1822
  - Burke and Hare's victims
  - parliament in 1999
  - brief history of city
  - Nelson Monument
 Edinburgh airport
 Edinburgh Castle
 Edinburgh Festival
 Edinburgh Gazette
 Edinburgh Royal Infirmary - and the medical school
 Edinburgh university - and Nyerere
 Edinburgh Zoo
 Edington - and Alfred the Great
 Edirne - Turkish name for Adrianople
  - taken by Russia in 1877
 Edison, Thomas - tries to make X-ray lamp
 Edith - and Edward the Confessor
 Edmund I - and Strathclyde
 Edo - and Tokugawa shogunate
  - and the daimyo
 Edomites - and Petra
 education in Britain
 Edward - the Black Prince
  - and Poitiers
 Edward I, king of England
  - and the Maid of Norway
  - castles in Wales
  - and Scotland
  - and Stone of Scone
  - brief biography
  - and Glastonbury
  - and the Jews
  - Lyme Regis
  - visits Rockingham Castle
  - modernises Rockingham
 Edward II, king of England
  - and the Maid of Norway
  - brief biography
  - and Rockingham Castle
 Edward II - by Marlowe
 Edward III, king of England
  - his claim to the throne of France
  - doing homage to Philip VI of France
  - as self-declared king of France
  - and Jacob van Artevelde
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