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 Ealing comedies
 Earl Grey - tea
 Earl Marshal
 Earl's Barton (Northants)
 Earl's Colne Priory - founded in 1105
 Earl's Court (London)
 early closing day - from 1911
 Early English - style in Gothic architecture
 earth - formation
  - inner and outer core
  - crust and mantle
  - its shifting geography
  - circumference and Eratosthenes
  - Pythagorean theories
 earth and the heavens - tour through time
 East Africa Association - formed in 1921
 East Africa Protectorate - from 1895
 East Anglia
 East End (London)
 Easter Island - the statues
 Eastern Question - in the 19th century
  - brief account
 Eastern Rumelia - Turkish province
 Easter Rising - in 1916
  - brief account
 Eastgate Clock - Chester
 East India Company, English - from 1600
  - settlement at St Helena
  - and Bombay
  - and Suez-Bombay steamships
  - brief account
  - and the Nemesis in 1839
  - and opium
 East Indiamen - for the eastern trade
  - and trade winds
 'East is East, and West is West'
 East Lynne
 Easton Neston - and Hawksmoor
 Ebert, Friedrich
 Ebla - city in Fertile Crescent
  - archive of tablets
  - discovery of archive
 Ebo - battle in 1975
 Eboracum - Roman name for York
 Ebro - between Carthage and Rome
 Ecbatana - capital of the Medes
  - captured by Cyrus
  - and the death of Hephaestion
 Eccles cake
 ecclesia - origins of Athenian council
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