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 Durrell, Gerald - and Jersey's zoo
 Durrell, Lawrence
 Dürrenstein - and Richard I
 Durrës - captured by Normans
  - captured by Serbs in 1912
 Durrow - foundation of the monastery
 Durrow, Book of - and Celtic art
 Düsseldorf - bombed in 1914
  - tour through time
 Dutch bond - and English bond
 Dutch East India Company
  - and Henry Hudson
 Dutch elm disease
 Dutch interiors - in 17th-century painting
 Dutch traders - in Nagasaki harbour
 Dutch West India Company - and America
 Duvalier, François - president of Haiti
 Duvalier, Jean Claude - president of Haiti
 Duveen, Joseph
  - and Hull
  - Elgin marbles
 D'ye ken John Peel?
 Dyers - swan-upping
 Dykes, John Bacchus
 dynasties - in ancient Egypt
  - the system
 Ealing comedies
 Earl Grey - tea
 Earl Marshal
 Earl's Barton (Northants)
 Earl's Colne Priory - founded in 1105
 Earl's Court (London)
 early closing day - from 1911
 Early English - style in Gothic architecture
 earth - formation
  - inner and outer core
  - crust and mantle
  - its shifting geography
  - circumference and Eratosthenes
  - Pythagorean theories
 earth and the heavens - tour through time
 East Africa Association - formed in 1921
 East Africa Protectorate - from 1895
 East Anglia
 East End (London)
 Easter Island - the statues
 Eastern Question - in the 19th century
  - brief account
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