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 druids - and Stonehenge
  - and human sacrifice
  - brief account
 Drum Castle
 Drumlanrig Castle
 Drummond, David - and Innerpeffray
 Drummond family - and Priestlands House
 Drury Lane Theatre - and the national anthem
  - brief history
  - and Garrick
  - gas lighting
 Drusus - son of Tiberius
 Drusus Caesar - son of Germanicus
 Dryburgh Abbey
 Dryden, John
  - the Four Courts in 1922
 Du Bellay, Joachim - and the Pléiade
 Dublin - and the Vikings
  - taken by Normans
  - first parliament in 1297
  - and James II in 1689
  - and Handel's Messiah
  - and the Lady Lansdowne
  - deprived of its parliament in 1800
  - General Post Office in 1916
  - Dáil Eireann in 1919
 Dubois, Eugene - and Java man
 ducat - Venice's coin
 Duccio - and the Maestà
 Duce, Il - title of Mussolini
 Duchess of Malfi (Webster)
 ducking stool (in Britain)
 Du Contrat Social - by Rousseau
 Ducos, Roger - and the Consulate
 Dudley (West Midlands)
 Dudley, Robert
 Dudley Castle - Newcomen's engine
 Duesbury, William - Derby porcelain
 Duffy, Charles - and the Nation
 Dujardin, Félix - and protoplasm
 Dulcinea del Toboso - and Don Quixote
 Dulwich College
  - and Dulwich Picture Gallery
 Dulwich Picture Gallery
 Duma - first, in 1906
  - second, in 1907
 du Maurier, Daphne
 du Maurier, George
 dumb-waiter (furniture)
 dum-dum (bullet)
 Dumfries - murder of John Comyn
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