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 Down and Out in Paris and London
 Down at the Old Bull and Bush
 Downing Street
 Downing Street Declaration - in 1993
  - brief account
 Downs (in England)
 Downside School
 Down's syndrome - origin
  - and chromosomes
 Down Your Way
 Doyle, Richard - and Punch
 d'Oyly Carte, Richard
 Dracula (Bram Stoker)
 Draft Riots - in 1863
 dragon bones - for sale at An-yang
 dragonnades - used against the Huguenots
 Drake, Francis - voyage round the world
  - and Terra Australis
  - in the Caribbean in 1585-6
  - and the Roanoke settlement
  - and the Armada
  - and bowls
  - and the Cayman Islands
  - brief biography
 Drakensberg - and the Great Trek
  - and the Sotho
 Drang nach Osten - 11th-13th century
 draught animals - and harness
 draughts - first described in Spain
 Dravidian - language group of south India
 Dravidians - in southern India
 drawing - liberated by paper
 Dreadnought 1906, HMS
 dreaming, the time of - in Australia
 Dream of Gerontius
 Dred Scott decision - in 1857
 Dresden - and Augustus the Strong
  - and porcelain
  - treaty of 1745
  - Metternich and Napoleon in 1813
  - air raid in 1945
 Dreyse, Johann von - breech-loading rifle
 Droeshout Portrait - of Shakespeare
 Drogheda - and Oliver Cromwell
 Drogheda, Statutes of - or Poynings' Law
 droit du seigneur - and feudalism
 Drole de Guerre - of 1939-40
 Drones Club - P.G. Wodehouse
 'Dropping the pilot'
 Drottningholm - court theatre
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