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 Dönitz, Karl - in command of navy in 1943
 doge - first elected in AD 726
  - role in Venice
 Dogger Bank
  - battle in 1915
 Doggett's Coat and Badge
 dogs - domesticated from wolves
 Dokkum - and Boniface
 Dolaucothi (Roman mine)
 dolce stil nuovo - in Italian poetry
 Dolin, Anton
 Dolittle, Dr (Lofting)
 dollar - and the Joachimsthaler
 Dollond, John - and glass technology
 Dolly the sheep - and cloning
 Dolni Vestonice - early encampment
  - earliest known pottery
 Dolores - and Miguel Hidalgo
 dome - in Roman architecture
  - in Muslim architecture
 Domenico, Fra - and Savonarola
 Dome of the Rock - in Jerusalem
  - and Byzantine craftsmen
  - influence on Islamic architecture
 Domesday Book - compiled in 1086-7
  - brief account
 Domingues, Afonso - and Batalha
 Dominic, St - and the Cathars
  - inspiring Ignatius Loyola
 Dominica - settled in 1632
  - and Britain
  - in Latin America
  - in the Philippines
 dominion status - origin in 1867
  - brief account
 dominoes - origins in China
  - in Europe
 Domitia - wife of the emperor Domitian
 Domitian - Roman emperor
 Domrémy - and Joan of Arc
  - and the Renaissance
 Donation of Constantine - and the papacy
 Donation of Pepin - to the papacy
 Donations of Alexandria - in 34 BC
 donátorios - in Brazil
 Donatus - would-be bishop of Carthage
 Don Carlos - by Schiller
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