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 Disraeli, Benjamin
  - and the Russo-Turkish war of 1877-8
  - brief biography
 dissection - in medieval Italy
  - in the 16th century
  - of hanged criminals in 16th century
  - of murderers in 18th century
  - as criminal punishment
  - and body snatching in 18th century
  - Burke and Hare supply bodies
  - and the Anatomy Act (1832)
 Dissenters (in England)
 dissolution of the monasteries - Henry VIII
  - brief account
 distillation - origins
 Distinguished Flying Cross and Medal
 Distinguished Service Cross and Medal
 Distinguished Service Order
 district (in UK local government)
 Ditherington - fireproof mill of 1796-7
 Divine Comedy - by Dante
 divine right of kings - and James VI and I
  - brief account
 divorce (in Britain)
 Divorced beheaded died
 diwan-i-khas - in Fatehpur Sikri
 Dixon of Dock Green (TV series)
 Dixons (retailer)
 DNA - first stirrings of life
  - and evolution
  - and human origins in Africa
  - and human migration from Africa
  - structure discovered
  - history of its discovery
  - Cavendish Laboratory
  - and X-ray diffraction
 Dobruja - returned to Romania in 1913
 Dobson, William - painter to Charles I
 Docklands, London
 Doc Martens
 doctors - in plague hospitals
  - in 17th century hospitals
  - in hospitals for the incurable
 Doctor Finlay's Casebook (TV)
 Doctor Faustus - by Marlowe
  - brief account
 Doctor Foster went to Gloucester
 'Doctor Livingstone, I presume' - in 1871
 Doctor Who (TV)
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