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 Dickens, Charles
  - and Richmond upon Thames
 dictator - in Roman republic
 Dictatorship of the Proletariat - in Marxism
 dictionary - earliest known
 Dictionary - by Samuel Johnson
  - brief biography
 Diderot, Denis - and the Encyclopédie
 didgeridoo - Australian musical instrument
 Dido - founder of Carthage
 Dido and Aeneas - opera by Purcell
  - brief account
 Diego, Juan - and the Virgin of Guadalupe
 Diégo-Suarez - taken by French in 1883
 diet - council of German empire
  - of Hanseatic towns
 diethylstilboestrol (DES) - causes vaginal cancer
 Dietrich, Marlene - Lili Marlene
 Dietrich von Bern - in German literature
 digambara - in Jainism
 Digby family - at Sherborne Castle
 Digesta - of AD 533
 Diggers - in 17th-century England
 digitalis - in traditional medicine
  - and William Withering
  - foxglove tea
 digits - in decimal system
 Dijon - and Claus Sluter
 Dilke, Charles
 Dillon, John - succeeds John Redmond
 Dimbleby, Richard
 Dimitri - son of Ivan IV
 Dimitris - false
 Dimitri Donskoi - victory in 1380
 dinar - first coined in Damascus
 Dingaan - and Shaka
  - and Piet Retief
 dinner (meanings in English)
  - and persecution of Christians
  - related items
 Diomede Islands - named by Bering
 Dionysius - tyrant of Syracuse
 Dionysius Exiguus - and the Christian era
 Dionysus - and dance
  - and origins of theatre
  - theatre in Athens
 Diophantus - and Arithmetica
 dioptra - device of Hero of Alexandria
 Diori, Hamani - president of Niger
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