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 Depression (1930s)
 Depretis, Agostino
 De Profundis
 Deptford - and Peter the Great
  - brief history of town
 De Quincey, Thomas
 Derby - and the 1745 Jacobite uprising
  - brief history of town
 Derby, John Nelson - Exclusive Brethren
 Derby, Lord - and the India Act of 1858
  - brief biography
 Derby, The - and Emily Davison in 1913
  - brief history
  - and Edward VII
 Derby County (football club)
 Derby porcelain
  - selected examples
 Dergue - in Ethiopia
 Derry - becomes Londonderry
  - and unrest from 1968
  - brief history of town
 dervishes - and Sufism
 Descartes, René
  - in Amsterdam
  - in Stockholm
  - and signs in algebra
 Desenfans, Noël - and Dulwich Art Gallery
 Deseret - the Mormon state
 Desert Island Discs (radio)
 Desert Orchid (foaled 1979)
 desert rats (7th Armoured Division)
 Design Centre (London)
 Desmond, earl of - rebellion in Ireland
 Despenser, Hugh le - and Edward II
 despotism, enlightened - in 18th century
 Dessalines, Jean Jacques - in Haiti
 Destour - formed in 1910
  - neo-Destour in 1934
 Detroit - taken by British in 1812
 Dettingen - battle in 1743
  - brief account
 Deuteronomy - in the Bible
 Deutscher Bund - German Confederation
 Deutscher Ritterorden - Teutonic Knights
 Deva - or Chester
 de Valence, Margaret - memorial brass
 de Valera, Eamon
 de Valois, Ninette
 de Vere family - and Hedingham Castle
 Devereux, Walter - assassin of Wallenstein
 Devil's Bridge (near Aberystwyth)
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