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 Decline and Fall (Gibbon)
  - brief account
 Decline and Fall (Waugh)
 decommissioning of arms - in Ireland
 Decorated style - in Gothic architecture
 Decree on Land - issued by Lenin in 1917
 Dedham - and Alfred Munnings
 Dedham Vale
 Dee (rivers in Britain)
 Dee, John
  - at Sherborne Castle
 deer (in Britain)
 deerstalker (hat)
 Defender of the Faith - Henry VIII
 Defenestration of Prague - in 1618
 Défense ... de la langue française
 Defensionale of Wyl - agreed in 1647
 Defoe, Daniel
  - brief biography
  - and Stilton
 Deganawidah - and Iroquois League
  - and the Free French
  - and the maquis
 - president from 1958
  - assassination attempt
  - expels NATO in 1966
 degrees - in multiples of 60
 de Havilland, Geoffrey
 Deheubarth - medieval Welsh principality
 De humani corporis fabrica - by Vesalius
 Deism - in 18th-century Christianity
  - and Voltaire
 Dekabrists - and the revolution of 1825
 de Klerk, F.W. - prime minister in SA
  - and the Nobel Peace Prize
  - in the Mandela government
  - and the July revolution
 de la Mare, Walter
 Delaroche, Paul - on photography
 Delaware - and the Civil War
 Delenda est Carthago - the theme of Cato
 Delft - and majolica
 Delhi - the sultanate
  - sacked by Timur
  - captured by Babur in 1526
  - taken in 1739 by Nadir Shah
 Delian League - established in 478 BC
  - the second, in 377 BC
 Delius, Frederick
 Della Porta, Giambattista - academy of 1560
 Deller, Alfred
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