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 Davy, Humphry
  - discovers nitrous oxide
 Dawes, Henry L. - General Allotment Act (Dawes Act)
 Dawes Plan - in 1924
 Dawson, Charles - Piltdown man
 Day-Lewis, Cecil
 days of the week - from the planets
 D-day - in 1944
  - brief account
  - museum in Portsmouth
 Dead Christ - by Mantegna
 Dead March in Saul
 dead parrot sketch
 Dead Sea Scrolls - and the Essenes
 De architectura - by Vitruvius
 Death - article by Dr Carole Reeves
  - in ancient Greece
  - in the Roman Empire
  - in medieval and Renaissance Europe
  - and dissection in medieval Europe
  - and the Crusades
  - in the early modern period
  - and dissection in the early modern period
  - 'watching' and 'waking'
  - rituals in early modern period
  - in the 18th century
  - resuscitation procedures in 18th century
  - in the 19th century
  - infanticide in the 19th century
  - infant mortality rates in 19th century
  - in the 20th century
  - defined in the 20th century
  - as a religious event
  - in the hospital of Santa Maria Nuova
  - fear of the corpse
  - management by doctors
  - and putrefaction
  - safeguards against premature burial
  - and the stethoscope
  - and the 'safety' coffin
  - as evolutionary adaptation
  - as a failure of medical science
  - withdrawal of life support
  - and waiting mortuaries
  - and anaesthesia
 death camps - in Poland and Russia
 Death on the Rock (TV programme)
 death penalty - abolished in Italy in 1887-91
 De Beers - and Cecil Rhodes
 Debrecen - and Kossuth in 1849
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