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 Darling, Grace
  - Farne Islands
 Darlington Railway Centre - Locomotion
 Darnley, Henry - and Mary
  - and the Casket Letters
 Dartington (Devon)
 Dartmoor (Devon)
 Dartmouth (Devon)
 darts (the game)
 Darwin - founded in 1869
 Darwin, Charles - tribute to Aristotle
  - brief biography
  - and Julia Margaret Cameron
 Darwin, Erasmus
 Dashwood, Francis - West Wycombe
 Daud Khan - Afghan politician
  - and lithography
 David - bronze by Donatello
 David - by Michelangelo
 David, king of Israel
  - and concept of the Messiah
 David I, king of Scotland
 David II - prince of Wales
 David II - king of Scotland
  - and the Hundred Years' War
  - brief biography
 David, St - patron saint of Wales
  - brief biography
 David, Elizabeth
 Dávid, Francis - and the Unitarians
  - Napoleon in St Bernard pass
 David ap Gruffudd - succeeds brother
 David ap Llywelyn - succeeds father
 David Copperfield
  - publication celebrated in Richmond
 Davidson, Anna - Tenement House, Glasgow
 Daviel, Jacques - performs first cataract extraction
  - brief biography
 Davis, Jefferson
 Davis, John - and the Falkland Islands
 Davis, Thomas - and the Nation
 Davis Cup - lawn tennis
 Davison, Emily - and the 1913 Derby
 Davitt, Michael - and Irish Land League
 Davy, Humphry
  - discovers nitrous oxide
 Dawes, Henry L. - General Allotment Act (Dawes Act)
 Dawes Plan - in 1924
 Dawson, Charles - Piltdown man
 Day-Lewis, Cecil
 days of the week - from the planets
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