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  - ceded to Turkey in 1573
  - and Britain
 Cyrenaica - taken by the Arabs in 642
  - in Libya
  - campaign in 1940-41
 Cyril - patriarch of Alexandria
 Cyril, St - apostle of the Slavs
  - and the Slavonic liturgy
  - and translation of the Bible
 cyrillic alphabet - and Slavonic languages
 Cyrus - communication system
 Cyrus the Great
 Cyrus the Younger - Persian rebel
 Czechoslovakia - sells arms to Egypt
 Czechs - Slav tribe in Bohemia
 Czechs, Old and Young - political parties
 da capo - in opera arias
 Dachau - Hitler's first concentration camp
 Dacian Wars - 2nd century AD
 Dacko, David - Central African Republic
 Dadd, Richard
 Daddah, Ould - president of Mauritania
 Dad's Army
 Dafne - the first opera
 Dagobert I - Merovingian king
 Dagomba - tribal group in Togo
 Dahl, Roald
 Dahlak Islands - and Ottoman Turks
 Dahomey - African kingdom
  - French protectorate from 1882
  - name changed in 1975 to Benin
 Daibutsu - bronze sculpture at Kamakura
 Dáil Eireann - assembles in 1919
 Daily Express (British newspaper)
 Daily Mail - the British empire in 1897
  - brief history
 Daily Worker (British newspaper) - and the Communist Party
 Daimler - firm in Coventry
 Dakar - as deep-water harbour
  - as capital of French West Africa
 Daladier, Édouard - at Munich
  - declaration of war in 1939
 Dalai Lama - the first
 Dalmatia - and Venice from 1420
  - ceded to Napoleon in 1805
 Dalmeny House
 Dalriada - kingdom in Ireland and Scotland
  - brief account
 Dalrymple, Hew - and the convention of Sintra
 Dalton, Hugh
 Dalton, John
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