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 Crispin, St - and Agincourt
  - brief biography
 Cristofori, Bartolomeo - inventor of piano
 Critique of Political Economy - by Marx
 Crito - by Plato
 Croatia - and Roman Catholicism
  - and Hungary in 1848-9
  - linked to Hungary
 Crockett, Davy - at the Alamo
 Croesus - king of Lydia
  - and temple of Artemis at Ephesus
  - gold and silver coins
  - and the oracle at Delphi
  - defeated by Cyrus
 Croft, Michael - National Youth Theatre
 Crofters' Holdings Act - of 1886
 Cro-Magnon - and early modern humans
 Crome, John - Norwich School
 Cromer, Lord - British administrator in Egypt
 Cromford Mill - and Arkwright
  - painted by Wright of Derby
  - brief account
  - and the textile industry
 Crompton, Richmal
 Crompton, Samuel - inventor of the mule
  - brief biography
 Cromwell, Oliver
  - born in Huntingdon
  - in Ireland
  - and Marvell
  - 'In the name of God, go!'
  - exhumed in 1660
  - brief biography
 Cromwell, Richard - lord protector
  - retires in 1659
 Cromwell, Thomas - and the monasteries
  - execution
  - brief biography
  - 'Flanders mare'
 Cronin, A.J.
 Cronstedt, Axel - and nickel
 Cronus - in Greek mythology
 Crook, George - at the Rosebud river
 Crookes, William
 Crops and livestock - tour through time
 croquet (in Britain)
 Crosland, Anthony
 Cross - discovery in Jerusalem
 Cross, Charles - and viscose
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