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 Cockcroft, John
  - Cavendish Laboratory
 Cockerell, C.R - Ashmolean Museum
 Cockerell, Samuel Pepys - Sezincote
 Cockermouth - Wordsworth
 cockfighting in Britain
 cocoa - first use
 Cocq, Frans Banning - and Rembrandt
 cod - and the Newfoundland trade
  - cod wars in the 1970s
 Code Napoléon - civil code of 1804
 codes of law - Hammurabi's
  - Justinian's
  - Napoleon's
 codex - advantages over papyrus scoll
 Codex Constitutionum - of AD 529
  - of AD 534
 Codex Sinaiticus - New Testament
 Codrington family - and Barbuda
 Coed Cae shaft - in Rhondda
 coenobitic monasticism - and Pachomius
 Coercive Acts - of 1774
 Coeur, Jacques - merchant
 Coeur de Lion - nickname of Richard I
 coffee - brief account
 coffee houses - in 17th-century London
 cofferdam - pioneered by Romans
 Coffin, Walter - coal pits in Rhondda
 Coga, Arthur - and blood transfusion
 Coggan, Donald
 Coggeshall Grange Barn
 Cogidubnus - British chieftain
  - Fishbourne Roman Palace
 cogito ergo sum - and Descartes
 Cognac - league of 1526
 Cohen, Jack - Tesco
 Coimbra - as capital of Portugal
 coins - first struck in Ephesus
  - first cast in China
 Coke, Edward
  - Englishman's home
 Coke, Lady Mary - and White Lodge
 Coke, Thomas - Holkham Hall
 Coke of Norfolk - and improved farming
  - brief biography
 Cola di Rienzo - tribune of Rome
  - and Montreal d'Albarno
  - and Gibbon
 cola nuts - in African trade
 Colbert, Jean Baptiste - finance minister of Louis XIV
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