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 Claverton Manor
 Clavius, Christopher - and the calendar
 clay tablets - for cuneiform writing
 Clayton, Thomas - and Blair Castle
 Clayton, Tubby - Toc H
 Clean Air Act (1956)
 clearances - in Scotland
 clearing banks (in Britain)
 Cleese, John - Fawlty Towers
 Cleisthenes - reformer in Athens
  - and the ten Athenian tribes
 Cleland, John - Fanny Hill
 Clement I, St - fourth pope
 Clement III - antipope
 Clement V - the move to Avignon
  - suppression of the Templars
 Clement VII - antipope, elected in 1378
 Clement VII, pope - and Florence
  - and the League of Cognac
  - and the sack of Rome
  - and the Swiss Reformation
 Clement XIV - suppresses the Jesuits
 Clementine Vulgate - in 1592
 Clemenza di Tito - by Mozart
  - tour through time
  - related items
 Cleopatra - daughter of Antony
 Cleopatra's Needle (London)
 clepsydra - or water clock
 clerihew - and E.C. Bentley
 Clermont - council in 1095
 cleruchies - Athenian colonies
 Cleveland, Grover - and Statue of Liberty
  - and the panic of 1893
  - and Cuba
 Cleves, Anne of - and Henry VIII
 Clickhimin Broch
 Cliff, Clarice
  - potter
 Clifford's Tower - York
 Clifton Suspension Bridge
 Clink (prison)
 clinker - in boat-building
  - and syphilis experiment
 Clive, Robert - at Arcot
  - in Bengal
  - brief biography
  - and Claremont
 Cliveden, Berkshire
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