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 Cîteaux - first Cistercian monastery
 Citium - Phoenician colony
 Citizen King - Louis Philippe
 citizens - in ancient Greece
 Citizens Advice Bureau (in Britain)
 Citizens Theatre, Glasgow
 city (British usage)
 City (City of London)
 City and Guilds (London)
 City Dionysia - theatrical contests
 City Livery Companies
 City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra
 City of God - by Augustine
 city-state - in Greece
 Ciudad Rodrigo - in the Peninsular War
 ciudadelas - in Chan Chan
 Civil Constitution of the Clergy - in 1790
 Civilisation (TV series)
 Civil List
 civil rights - marches in Ulster
 Civil Rights Act - in 1866 in USA
 Civil Service in Britain
 Clairvaux - monastery founded by St Bernard
 clan (in Scotland)
 Clapham Junction
 Clapham omnibus
 Clapham Sect
 Clapperton, Hugh - explorer in Africa
 Clare, St - and the Poor Clares
 Clare, Gilbert de - and Caerphilly
 Claremont (garden), Surrey
 Clarence House
 Clarendon, earl of (1609-74)
 Clarendon Code - of 1661-65
  - brief account
 Clarendon Press - Oxford
 Clarissa - by Richardson
 Clark, Jim (racing driver)
 Clark, Kenneth (art historian)
 Clark, William - expedition of 1804-6
 Clarke, Jeremiah - Trumpet Voluntary
 Clarkson, Thomas - abolitionist
 Classics (English horseracing)
 Claude Lorrain
  - at Holkham Hall
  - selected paintings
 Claudius I - Roman emperor
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