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 Charles Edward Stuart
 Charles Martel
  - and St Boniface
  - and feudalism
 Charles of Anjou - and crown of Sicily
 Charles the Bold - duke of Burgundy
  - and the Habsburg marriage
 Charles the Mad - king of France
 Charles the Wise - king of France
 Charleston, South Carolina - captured by British in 1780
  - departure of the British in 1782
  - and Fort Sumter
 Charley's Aunt (Brandon Thomas)
 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
 Charlotte - daughter of George IV
  - death in 1817
  - in St George's Chapel
 Charlotte - queen of George III
  - Kew Gardens
 Charlotte Dundas - steamboat
 Charlotte Square - in Edinburgh
  - brief description
 Charlottetown - conference in 1864
 Charnley, John - develops artificial hip joints
 chartered companies - from 16th century
 charterhouse - and Carthusians
 Charterhouse (school)
 Charteris, Leslie - The Saint
 Chartists - from 1838
  - brief history
 Chartres - the cathedral
  - sculptures in the west porch
  - sculptures in the north porch
  - relics of Jesus and the Virgin Mary
  - the stained glass
 Chartreuse, La Grande - and Carthusians
 Chartwell, Kent
  - Fighting Téméraire
  - and Dickens
 Chatham, earl of - and Seven Years' War
  - brief biography
 Chatsworth - the great conservatory
  - brief history
  - Jean Tijou
 Chatterley Whitfield Museum - Tunstall
 Chatterton, Thomas
  - brief biography
 Chaucer, Geoffrey
  - brief biography
 Chauliac, Guy de - on leprosy
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