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 Charles II, king of England and Scotland
  - brief biography
  - and the battle of Worcester
  - in exile in Brussels
  - and the Great Plague
  - and Ireland
  - and horse racing
  - and the framework knitters
  - on the Monument
  - and the 1683 frost fair
  - and Thomas Hobbes
  - Holyroodhouse
  - personal armour
  - Richmond Palace
 Charles II - king of Spain
 Charles III - Frankish king
  - and Rollo the Ganger
 Charles III - king of Spain
  - in Naples and Sicily
 Charles IV - Holy Roman emperor
  - as king of Bohemia
  - Golden Bull of 1356
 Charles IV - king of France
  - and the Salic Law
 Charles IV, king of Spain
  - and the Salic law
  - flight and abdication in 1808
  - and the War of the Spanish Succession
 Charles V - king of France
 Charles V, emperor - born in Ghent
  - heir to Spanish throne
  - becomes king of Spain
  - and the Fuggers
  - elected German king
  - meets Henry VIII in Kent
  - betrothed to Henry VIII's daughter Mary
  - at the Diet of Worms
  - marries Isabella of Portugal
  - and the Moriscos
  - at Augsburg in 1535
  - and the Swiss Reformation
  - and the New Laws for Spanish America
  - and Titian
  - abdicates in 1556
 Charles VI - Austrian emperor
  - and Hungary
  - and Maria Theresa
 Charles VI, king of France
  - and Henry V
 Charles VII - king of France
  - and Joan of Arc
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