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 Chamberlain, Austen
 Chamberlain, Joseph
  - colonial secretary from 1895
  - brief biography
 Chamberlain, Neville
  - and de Valera in 1938
  - brief biography
 Chamberlain's Men (actors)
 Chamberlen, William - invents obstetric forceps
  - invents obstetrical forceps
 Chambers - and the Encyclopédie
 Chambers, John - and Queensberry rules
 Chambers, William
  - Goodwood House
  - Kew Gardens
  - Observatory, Kew
  - Somerset House
 Chambers encyclopedias
 Chambord - built by Francis I
 chambre ardente - set up in 1547
 Chamorro, Pedro Joaquín - opposing Somoza
 Chamorro, Violeta - president of Nicaragua
 Champ de Mars - in 1791
 Champion, Harry
 Champneys, Basil - John Rylands
 Champollion, Jean François - and hieroglyphs
  - Rosetta stone
 Chan Buddhism - and Song painting
  - known in Japan as Zen Buddhism
 Chan Chan - ancient Andean city
 Chancellor, Richard - and the Northeast Passage
 Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster
 Chancellor of the Exchequer
 Chandernagore - French trading station
 Chandos portrait - of Shakespeare
 Chandra Gupta I - Indian emperor
 Chandra Gupta II - Indian emperor
 Chandragupta Maurya
 Channel Islands
 Channel Tunnel
 Chanson de Roland **
 chansons de geste **
 Chantilly - and Hours of Étienne Chevalier
 Chaos - in Greek creation myth
 Chaplin, Charlie
  - and Fred Karno
 Chapman, Charles - and Billy Bunter
 Chapman, Herbert
 Chapman's Homer - and Keats
 Chappe, Claude - and semaphore
 characters - in Chinese script
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