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  - and the plough
  - in Britain
 cement - Greek and Roman
 Cemetery Hill - and battle of Gettysburg
 Cenotaph (Whitehall)
 Cenozoic era - and geological periods
 censorship in Britain
 census in Britain
 Central American Federation - from 1823
 Central Intelligence Agency - in Guatemala
 Central Pacific - and the transcontinental line
 Central Powers - in Europe from 1882
 Central Statistical Office (London)
 centrifuge - history
 Cephalonia - and Venice from 1350
  - retained by Venice
 ceramic roof tiles - in Song dynasty
  - tour through time
 Ceredigion Museum - Aberystwyth
 Cerignola - and Spanish arquebusiers
 Cerne Giant
 Cerro Gordo - battle in 1847
 Cervantes, Miguel de
 Cesalpino, Andrea - and botany
 Céspedes, Carlos Manuel de - and Cuba
  - and Cuba in 1933
 cesspits - health hazard in Victorian towns
 Cetshwayo - Zulu king
 Ceuta - taken by Portuguese
  - Spanish enclave from 1580
 CH - on a Swiss car
 Chacabuco - battle in 1817
 Chaco War - in 1932-5
  - as French colony
 Chad, Lake - and Kanem-Bornu
 Chad, Mr (graffito)
 Chadwick, Edwin - and fever in 19th century cities
 Chadwick, James
  - Cavendish Laboratory
 Chaeronaea - battle in 338 BC
  - and Alexander
 Chagatai - and the Chagatai Turks
 Chain, Ernst - produces penicillin
 Chained Library - Hereford
 Chalcedon - council in AD 451
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