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 Cecil, Robert - and the accession of James I
  - brief biography
 Cecil, William - and Elizabeth I
  - brief biography
 Cecil Higgins Art Gallery - Bedford
 cedar of Lebanon - Phoenician export
  - to Egypt
 celadon - Song pottery
 celestial sphere - in astronomy
 Celestines - at Isleworth
 cell - described by Schleiden and Swann
 Cellini, Benvenuto - and Fontainebleau
 Celsius, Anders - and the centigrade scale
  - temperature scale in Britain
  - and thermometry
 Celsus - on human vivisection
  - and stones in the bladder
  - contribution to Roman surgery
  - builds slave hospital
 Celtic art - origins
 Celtic cross
 Celtic languages
 Celtic tribes - and Hannibal
  - and the plough
  - in Britain
 cement - Greek and Roman
 Cemetery Hill - and battle of Gettysburg
 Cenotaph (Whitehall)
 Cenozoic era - and geological periods
 censorship in Britain
 census in Britain
 Central American Federation - from 1823
 Central Intelligence Agency - in Guatemala
 Central Pacific - and the transcontinental line
 Central Powers - in Europe from 1882
 Central Statistical Office (London)
 centrifuge - history
 Cephalonia - and Venice from 1350
  - retained by Venice
 ceramic roof tiles - in Song dynasty
  - tour through time
 Ceredigion Museum - Aberystwyth
 Cerignola - and Spanish arquebusiers
 Cerne Giant
 Cerro Gordo - battle in 1847
 Cervantes, Miguel de
 Cesalpino, Andrea - and botany
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