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 Catherine - duchess of Braganza
 Catherine - wife of John III
 Catherine I - empress of Russia
 Catherine II, empress of Russia
 Catherine, St - and Joan of Arc
 Catherine de Médicis - regent of France
  - and ballet
 Catherine Howard - and Henry VIII
  - brief biography
 Catherine of Aragon - marriage to Arthur
  - marriage to Henry
  - painted by Holbein
  - brief biography
 Catherine of Braganza - marries Charles II
 Catherine of France - and Henry V
 Catherine Parr - and Henry VIII
  - brief biography
 Catholic associations - established by O'Connell
 Catholic emancipation - and Pitt in 1800
  - and the duke of Wellington
 Catholic Herald
 Catholic League - in 1609
 Catholic martyrs - under Elizabeth I
 Catholic Reformation - or Counter-Reformation
  - launched by Paul III
 Catholic Relief Act - of 1793
 Cathy Come Home (TV programme)
 Cato the elder - Roman orator
  - first Roman history
 cats - domesticated
  - mummified
 Cats (musical)
 Catseyes, and Percy Shaw
 cattle - domestication
  - in Britain
 Caucasus - German offensive in 1942
 caudíllos - in Latin American politics
 Caunt, Benjamin - and Big Ben
 cauterisation - in 16th century
 Caux, Salomon de - and Richmond Palace
 Cavalcanti, Guido - and the dolce stil nuovo
 Cavalier Parliament - of 1661
  - and Charles II
 Cavalieri, Emilio de' - and oratorio
 Cavalieri, Tommaso de' - and Michelangelo
 Cavaliers - in English Civil War
  - the term
 cavalry - and heavy breeds of horse
 cave - analogy in Plato
 cave paintings - palaeolithic
 Cavell, Edith
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