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 Castle Campbell
 Castle Coole
 Castle Howard - and baroque architecture
  - brief history
 Castle Law - near Abernethy
 Castlemaine, Lady - and Marlborough
 Castle of Otranto - Horace Walpole
  - and Strawberry Hill
 Castlereagh, Lord
  - commits suicide
 castles - the earliest
  - mound-and-bailey
  - at stern and bow of warships
  - Norman design at Rockingham
 Castles and fortifications English Heritage
 Castle Ward, County Down
 Castra Devana - or Chester
 castrati - for the Sistine chapel
 Castro, Fidel
 Castro, Inês de - in Camoëns
 cat - domestication
 Cat, Christopher - Kit-Cat Club
 catacombs - in Rome
  - brief account
 Catalan - language and nationalism
 Catalans - and separatism in the 19th century
 Catalca - in the Balkan war of 1912-13
 catalepsy - and premature burial
 Catal Huyuk - neolithic town
  - burial of the dead
  - pottery
  - woven cloth
 Catalonia - and the Marcia Hispánica
  - linked by marriage with Aragon
  - in War of the Spanish Succession
  - and 19th-century separatism
  - and the Catalan language
 Catalaunian Plain - battle in AD 451
 Cat and Mouse Act - of 1913
 catapult - in siege warfare
  - at the battle of Actium
 cataract - origin of the term
  - surgery in Medieval Arab-Islamic world
  - surgery in 18th century
  - operation on Handel
  - surgery during 20th century
  - first surgery on children
  - and lens implants
 cataracts - of the Nile
 Categories of Aristotle - and Abelard
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